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Flowtron BK-80D Electronic Bug Zapper – quick and Clean


In case you’re preparing an outdoor picnic and do not want the guests of yours to be ravaged by pesky flies and mosquitoes, then the Flowtron BK 80D 80-Watt electrical bug zapper is definitely the ideal pest-killer for you! You have to have had it with shattering your poise by scratching much more in a single of those advanced garden tea parties. If you hate seeing monstrous-looking bugs munch on your luscious cupcakes, then build Flowtron on the lawn of yours and experience those unpleasant creatures flitter to their deaths! You are sure a critter free luncheon with the Flowtron Insect Killer!

That strong-smelling citronella incense must be killing your olfactory nerves.buzzbgone amazon Spraying much more of a pesticide inside a window less room is sufficient to melt your brain. The Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt electronic bug zapper kills pests without the need of these things, hence your dinner will never again have that substance flavor. This absolutely secure unit doesn’t make use of chemical fogs, sprays or maybe bug poison and comes totally intact, assembled and ready-to-use. You are able to plug it into a regular electric socket and watch it operate for just a penny a day. This insect killer truly is cost effective. Stop wasting on pesticides or sharp smelling incenses or perhaps oils. Purchasing a Flowtron guarantees you won’t ever have to scurry down the grocery for an insecticide once again!

The Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt electrical bug zapper utilizes a high-density black light bulb to lure & eliminate light fascinated flying bugs and is especially created to protect a great area of 1-1/2 acres. You can watch as a hundred gullible mosquitoes edge steadily into the zapping unit and turn into nothing but little beautiful sparks. The children of yours will be amazed at the way the Flowtron works! An exclusive mosquito attractant cartridge which is activated as soon as the product is turned on is built into the device which means you don’t need to be worried about the smell of anything other than mosquitoes being incinerated.

The fantastic thing about this product is the fact that you won’t ever have to replace anything. You will find no chemical-infused cartridges or easy-to-run-out batteries. Just plug it into an outlet which does everything buzz b gone any good You do not need to keep worrying about your precious pets getting a third degree burn with the Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt electronic bug zapper. It comes equipped with a shielding grid that prevents your kids, pets or others from touching the high efficiency, non clogging killing grid accidentally. With the Flowtron, your insect killing spree is efficient and buzzbgone (Suggested Reading) safe. It also boasts of a rugged, weatherproof construction which never ever rusts, cracks or fades! This particular Flowtron insect killer may also also become a wonderful night light. The multi-purpose mosquito-luring bulbs of its are ideal to light up dark corners or areas, so that you can navigate safely in the mosquito-free hallway of yours!

Use the Flowtron throughout the parties of yours. Place it in a corner in a single of the dinner gatherings of yours. Prop it on a pedestal for New Year’s Eve for immediate fireworks. The Flowtron BK 80D 80-Watt electrical bug zapper is a definite must-have in case you’re intending to invest some time outdoors whenever you go camping or just relaxing on your lawn. Zap those annoying mosquitoes with an effective electrical mosquito killer now!

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