Flat Belly Diet Sweeping the Nation

You might have heard about it on Good Morning America. Or, a buddy may already be raving about it. It’s the amazing brand new diet known as the “okinawa flat belly tonic negative reviews (visit the next web site) Belly Diet”. The justification you have heard about it’s because… it truly does work! Best of all, it is simple and easy to adhere to. What an eco-friendly way to drop the additional pounds you gained over the Holidays?

The diet was developed by the folks at Prevention Magazine. It was created by Prevention magazine’s Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello and Nutrition Editor Cynthia Sass. Mary Anne Speshok, a resident of Bethlehem, NJ, was selected along with a number of other dieters being featured on a part of Good Morning America on Wednesday. Speshok says she lost a whopping 46 pounds after adopting the instructions of the Flat Belly Diet! book as well as pace walking six times every week. She dropped from a size 16 to a size eight.

Here’s a brief overview of what the diet plan involves:

-Start with a Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart, and add

-A daily serving of Sassy Water and

-A Mind Trick at each meal plus

-A Four-Week Diet plan, comprised of

-Three 400 calorie meals a day of the choice of yours and

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