Femetone Pelvic Floor Stimulator

reviews for pelvic floor strongThe Femetone Pelvic Floor Stimulator is a dedicated neuromuscular stimulator specially designed to treat a weakened pelvic floor by strengthening the muscles which might have been weakened as a result of childbirth or the consequences of growing older.

The Femetone is light-weight as well as user friendly. It differs from other devices on the market as it uses technology known as “sequential frequency stimulation”. Which means that as opposed to using simply one frequency, the Femetone is able to address all of the muscles fibres inside the muscles of the vaginal wall. Sequential stimulation has the advantageous asset of managing the muscle fibres for precisely the proper amount of time by adjusting the workout frequencies appropriately throughout each session.

If you have tried to do your kegel exercises, you are going to know exactly how to know if you have a strong pelvic floor tough it can be to do just 20 or so in a single session and also then, it often feels “hit and miss” as to whether you have completed these correctly. When your vaginal muscles are weakened, it is generally hard to determine just whether you’re efficiently squeezing at all! The Femetone Pelvic Floor Stimulator does between 180 and 450 squeeze and release workouts in only one short session.

The product consists of a handheld device collectively with an attached probe. It has three built in programmes which could treat stress, mixed and urge incontinence. The probe is comparable to a tampon, and just as easy to insert. The different intensity levels indicate you can build up through the different levels as muscle tissue strengthen and you regain the control which you as soon as had in your pelvic floor muscles.

The Femetone Pelvic Floor Stimulator can’t only address incontinence, but has the added benefit of improving intimate sensations, thus restoring self esteem.