FA Cup price from first round to final explained

The FA Cup is the birthplace of football magic, but far from the welfare stories of brick layers and trash men scoring last minute winners against Premier League giants, there is also a very advantageous advantage. practice to a cheeky race.

Each team is rewarded with a cash prize for their progress each round, and this amount increases as you reach the dizzying heights of the later stages of the competition.

For teams in the upper echelons of the football pyramid, this cash injection may have little impact on their budgets.

But for the smaller clubs serving the giant slaughter or bravely venturing into the depths of the tournament, this presents a wonderful opportunity to create a much-needed influx of cash, easing the strain on their finances for another year.

And although the FA Cup price has been cut in half this year, there is still a huge amount of money to be made with the big old tournament. But how much does a team earn to win each round?

Well the teams are first rewarded £ 16,972 if they are progressing since first round of the FA Cup. while the losers get £ 5,657. the second turn rewards the winners with a prize of £ 25,500and the losers bring home £ 8,500.

Now we reach the third round of the FA Cup, where we just saw players like Crawley take down Leeds United and Chorley beat Derby County. These teams have pocketed £ 61,500, while their victims are content to £ 20,500.

In the dizzying heights of the fourth round, and not only does victory guarantee a place in the fifth round, but also a valuable £ 90,000. The cash prize then doubles for the winner by fifth round, as they know £ 180,000, and this doubles once again for the quarterfinal winners, scoop £ 360,000.

Now approach the semi finals, and money should be the last thing on any fan’s mind. But for the clubs, it is the opportunity to earn a lot of money. The winner of this tie wins £ 900,000, while the loser wins half to £ 450,000.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Arsenal were the winners of last year’s competition | Marc Atkins / Getty Images

The cash prize doubles again for the winner and runner-up of the final, as they are attributed £ 1,800,000 and £ 900,000 respectively for their efforts.

While these potential wins remain hugely important for clubs up and down the football pyramid, the total achievable amount offered is half of what Arsenal earned for lifting the trophy in 2019/20 (6.8 million pounds sterling), due to the price reduction for the current one. campaign due to the effects of the pandemic.

This means that for any team starting their journey in the FA Cup first round, they could win a total of £ 3,433,972 in the unlikely event that these brave outsiders go all the way and win the competition.