Expected Ends of Meray Paas Tum Ho

Meray Pass Tum Ho is going to end soon. 18 scenes of Mere Pass Tum Ho have just gone on air. This dramatization has a sum of 22 scenes. That implies that in the following 4 scenes, we will see the peak and inevitably the consummation of Mere Pass Tum Ho. Like each other show composed by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, this dramatization also has gone to a point where there can be such a significant number of various endings to it. After scene 18 of Mere Pass Tum Ho broadcast, most watchers are uncertain about how they need the show to end. Up until scene 18 everybody was certain that they needed to see Mehwish endure. Presently that Mehwish has no spot to go and she is defenseless, most watchers feel in an unexpected way. The credit for this goes to Ayeza Khan, the essayist and the executive. They make the watchers feel however they need to. At the point when they need to irritate the watchers at Mehwish, that is actually the reaction they get. In the past scene, Mere Pass Tum Ho producers clearly needed individuals to feel for Mehwish and that is the thing that has occurred. There have been such huge numbers of various wanders aimlessly in Mere Pass Tum Ho that it is somewhat hard to anticipate how this show will end. It doesn’t damage to talk about the potential endings of the show so we will do only that!

Mehwish will Decide to Destroy or Murder Shehwar

The cast meetings demonstrate that there will be a homicide in Meray Pass Tum Ho. Will Mehwish wind up executing Shehwar? We have seen two of the main characters in Khalil-ur-Rehman’s plays murdering individuals they love and themselves by taking toxin. Will Mehwish get so furious that she will wind up executing Shehwar along these lines and she herself will wind up in prison. This will be a dull consummation yet the most ideal approach to get Mehwish and Shehwar off the beaten path with the goal that Danish and Hania can be as one. Such a closure will likewise be the discipline which numerous watchers think both these characters merit for double-crossing their mates. Ayeza Khan additionally said that this dramatization had an exercise. In the event that there is an exercise, at that point it is profoundly unthinkable that Mehwish will in any capacity will have a cheerful consummation.

Hania wll say Yes to Daanish

The promotions of the up and coming scene indicated that Danish may be thinking about getting hitched to Hania. Albeit, Danish has demonstrated no such enthusiasm for Hania however Hania likes Danish. Hania’s sister in the past scene likewise said that she expected to do whatever it took to spare Danish. All things considered Mehwish will be disregarded. Rumi has constantly loved Miss Hania and needed her as a perpetual individual from the family. Could this be the upbeat completion for Danish?

Danish will accept Mehwish

After the past scene it appears to be almost certain that Danish will pardon Mehwish. Until scene 17, it didn’t appear to be conceivable that Mehwish would really feel contrite yet now plainly her character may go ahead. As of recently in Mere Pass Tum Ho, Mehwish has scarcely ever been ‘upset’ for anything by any means. Danish still adores Mehwish, there is no denying that. Her telephone call and statement of regret may break the enthusiastic obstruction in the following two scenes. Since Danish separated Mehwish in this way so as to get hitched to her once more, she should go into Nikkah with another man. Will Salman be the person who will ‘help’ them meet that end? This is the best way to an upbeat consummation which numerous individuals presently need to see yet nobody needs to see this halala in a dramatization. It would anyway be new watching a man excuse a lady for treachery for a change. Will the crowd acknowledge that?

Danish and Maham will retaliate

Since the previous hardly any scenes have concentrated exclusively on demonstrating exactly how rich Danish has become. These scenes have likewise demonstrated an alternate side of Danish. He is after all very business disapproved. Is it conceivable that Danish and Maham will in the long run hold hands and he will end up being the co-executive of Shehwar Enterprise? Might it be able to be that the dramatization will end with Danish being a business big shot while Mehwish is left with only laments? That won’t fulfill Danish too yet then Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has regularly said that he doesn’t trust in glad endings.

Mehwish will lose her senses after this Trauma

Mehwish will feel remorseful very soon. Before long enough she will acknowledge exactly how wrong she was. She will likewise understand that she lost a man who adored her a ton. Will she go totally insane and end up in a psychological refuge? On the off chance that this occurs, at that point the closure will be like dramatization sequential Titli in which the champion who left her significant other for another man loses her faculties at last. There are still many individuals who need to see Mehwish endure. Such a consummation will be fulfilling for every single such watcher who think Mehwish doesn’t merit absolution.

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