Exclusive: Abimanyu is longtime JDT target – Father Rasiman told Goal

Syahrian Abimanyu has become the first Indonesian player to team up with the giants of Southeast Asia after reaching a long-term deal with the JDT.

Syahrian Abimanyu, also known as Abi, has officially signed with Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) where he is the first Indonesian player the South Tigers have taken since their reigning exercise in 2013.

Previously, the JDT had shown a preference for Singapore players to take ASEAN’s place in their squad with four Singaporeans signing for the club since 2013 at Hariss Harun, Shahril Ishak, Baihakki Khaizan and Hafiz Sujad.

So this latest development results in a change of tactics for the seven-time Malaysian Super League champion with Abi’s dad, Rasiman revealing in an exclusive interview with Objective Indonesia that JDT has been following his son for a long time but that the move was delayed due to Abi’s injuries.

“It’s the result of a long process that started in 2018 when Abi was with the Indonesian U-19 national team where JDT scouts identified him as a potential tatent. They have been watching him for years but due to injuries the transfer has continued to be delayed year after year, ”said Rasiman, who is also Madura United’s assistant coach.

Rasiman sees the long-standing admiration for Abi as a positive sign that JDT sees his son as a real long-term prospect. He also suggested that it might be possible for Abi to one day become Hariss’ successor and that JDT is the right place for a young player to develop.

“It’s definitely a long time for JDT to watch Abi. With the ASEAN Slot, maybe JDT is already looking for the next ASEAN player who could succeed Hariss in the future, so maybe it will come in time. My only hope for Abi is that he should take advantage of this great opportunity.

“JDT is no stranger to being a club that wants its player to grow up and be better. Take for example Safawi (Rasid) who won a chance to go to the Portuguese league. I hope the same can happen for Abi because JDT looks like a club that wants the best for their players, even if that means the player is not part of the club. “

As to where Abi will play with JDT, whether in the Super League or elsewhere, Rasiman has yet to be able to give a definitive answer on that. He is confident that JDT will have the right plans and the right structure to ensure Abi stays on track.

“It’s up to the team, for sure JDT knows what is best for Abi because they also want to see and harvest the development. Whether at JDTII or elsewhere, I trust them to make the right decisions. We also know Hariss could miss a few games in the coming season and maybe Abi can step in or even be loaned out to another Super League team.

“JDTs are experienced enough to know what to do to develop players. I’m sure they’ve calculated everything in the best interests of the players and the club. ”

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