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Didier Deschamps admits he will never forget Karim Benzema’s accusations of racism


France manager Didier Deschamps has admitted he will never be able to forget the comments of exiled striker Karim Benzema, who accused the boss of racism for his decision to fire him.

Despite being one of France’s best forwards, Benzema has not represented his country since 2015, when reports emerged suggesting that Benzema had been involved in a scheme to blackmail his teammate Mathieu Valbuena – something for which he should soon be tried.

While France’s official line has always been that Benzema’s exile was due to this incident, the Real Madrid man told Marca in 2016 that he believed Deschamps had “caved in to pressure from a racist part of France ”, suggesting that his Algerian origins were the real reason for the decision.

Karim Benzema
Benzema was accused of blackmail | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

“The comments left a stain,” Deschamps told RTL. “Even if over time it calms down a bit, I can’t forget what has been said.

“It’s not just related to Karim Benzema. There are statements from other people who have turned to violence, which also affects my family. ”

Deschamps’ family home was vandalized in the summer of 2016 after officials wrote the word “racist” on a wall, and the French boss believes it stems from Benzema’s unfounded accusations.

“When it concerns me, my choices as a coach, the tactics, the technical aspect, it’s very good. It doesn’t matter, ”he continued. “It crossed a line.

Didier Deschamps
Deschamps thinks Benzema has crossed a line | Xavier Laine / Getty Images

“It affects my name, my family. For me, this is unacceptable. Saying certain things will always lead to verbal or physical aggression. I suffer the consequences. We cannot forget. I can not forget. I’ll never forget.”

The Versailles prosecutor’s office has confirmed that Benzema and four other people will soon be tried for conspiracy to attempt blackmail, but the date for the procedure has not yet been set.

The Real Madrid forward was reportedly approached by a childhood friend to encourage Valbuena to deal directly with the blackmailers, although he has always denied any wrongdoing.

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