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Diabetes, Obesity, probiotics and Fiber – Bringing It all Together in 3 Steps


biofit buyIn all the years of mine of reading, there have only been a few articles that have been genuinely pivotal. When I first flagged this article I believed it was neat. But the more I seriously considered it, the better this article resonated with some of the most significant chronic illnesses of the time of ours.

To understand this write-up better, I have to give a bit background on some really important facet of the physiology of ours.

1) GLP-1 and the effect of its on the body

This particular aspect is really critical that every aid for new medication development for treatment of diabetes is targeted around this single pathway. It includes hormones called incretins that come from the gut and balance the reaction of ours to the foods we eat. They’re critical in how well our body responds to the diet of ours and the blood glucose control of ours. It lets you do this by stimulating the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas to grow in quantity, biofit directions (hyperlink) respond better to blood sugar elevations and release more insulin. At the same time, GLP 1 improves the way insulin works throughout the body along with slows gastric emptying, thus permitting the food we eat to get absorbed slower.

The 2 main incretins in our bodies are Glucagon Like Peptide (GLP-1) as well as Gastric Inhibitory Peptide (GIP). GLP-1 has an extremely brief life in our bodies it is broken down by the enzyme DPP 4 in a situation of 1-5 minutes.

Originating from a diabetic drug standpoint, Byetta and Victoza are two brand name medications which mimic our own GLP 1. Januvia was the original drug to market which prevents the enzyme DPP 4 and also allows our own GLP 1 to last longer (all the newest drugs all have “gliptan” in their names).

Overall, this particular strategy is the Holy Grail of diabetes drug development today. A lot of the research studies focus on these pathways.

The increased utilization of these medications is of concern. Thyroid cancer, immune issues and destruction of the beta cells may be possible long-term harmful effects of excessive use of these medications.