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Definitive ranking of the power of European players for 90 minutes

2020 is finally almost finished. We almost succeeded.

There’s only one way to celebrate that, and that’s by ranking the top 15 European players over the entire calendar year using quotes from some of the best movies to escape the wreckage of 2020.

Kevin De Bruyne
De Bruyne racked up the assists | James Gill – Danehouse / Getty Images

“Do you know what’s wrong with being the smartest person in the world?” Everyone seems stupid! (Sonic the Hedgehog)

De Bruyne’s information was released throughout 2020 as he recorded more assists than any other Premier League player,

The second half of 2020 has been a bit slower for the Man City man, but his electric form in 2019/20 is enough to earn De Bruyne a place in those rankings.

Jadon Sancho
Sancho had a great year 2020 | Oliver Hardt / Getty Images

“This gangster, Amir Asif, has considerable influence in Dhaka. You get your hands on this kid, it’s going to get complicated.

“It’s always very complicated, isn’t it?” (Extraction)

2020 has been a bit complicated for Sancho.

After looking like a £ 120million player in the first half of the year, Sancho has been embroiled in a transfer saga that has left Manchester United with an egg in his face, and he’s not been the same since. .

Karim Benzema
Benzema continues to impress | Quality sports images / Getty Images

“So, are you good or bad?”

“It depends on the century.”

“We are fighting for what we think is right.” (The old guard)

Have we already determined whether Real Madrid are good or bad?

Even with Los Blancos floundering for much of this year, Benzema has continued to shine, setting an example and scoring goals all year round.

Son Heung-Min
Son excelled in 2020/21 | Pool / Getty Images

“Don’t try to figure it out. Feel it. (Principle)

Understanding what is going on at Tottenham is difficult. Are they future champions? Or are they just defending their way in life?

Despite all this uncertainty, Son managed to hit double the goals and assists in 2020, with the second half bringing real rewards for one of the most exciting strikers.

Lukaku has proven its worth in 2020 | MIGUEL MEDINA / Getty Images

“It’s still there, the truth. You just have to look for it. ” (Enola Holmes)

After years of sounding like a joke, Lukaku has shown everyone what it really is in 2020.

Few players have managed more goals in the calendar year than the Inter man, whose reputation as one of Europe’s most feared strikers is well and truly back.

Kane added a creative side | GLYN KIRK / Getty Images

“It is only by helping others that we can really help ourselves.” (Dolittle)

Kane realizing that he loved helping other players (mainly Son) was one of the more intriguing results of 2020.

He ends the year as an elite goalscorer with a dangerous eye for a pass, and his form is largely the reason Spurs are tentatively being suggested as title contenders.

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Lorient - Ligue 1
Mbappe still shines | Xavier Laine / Getty Images

“Come with me. I think so. So I can ask you to marry me on a tropical beach. ”

“Oh, I would like that, but we can’t. The world has gone mad, Ernie. Let’s wait to be together. ” (Doggy style)

No, these are not texts leaked between Mbappe and Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, but rather quotes from the film Doggy style.

2021 could see Mbappe become the most expensive player of all time, and given his electric form over the past year, it’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve those kinds of awards.

Mohamed salah
Another exceptional year for Salah | Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

“In the real world, power goes where it always goes, to people who already have it.” (Project power)

Already one of the most dominant strikers in the game, Salah continued to reign supreme in 2020, finally getting his hands on the Premier League title.

While others in the Liverpool attack suffered out of form spells, Salah remained in the spotlight, using his goals to ensure Jurgen Klopp’s side stay on top.

Thomas Müller
Muller broke records | Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

“I will penetrate this man’s soul with my heart.”

“What?” (Bad boys for life)

If anyone could penetrate a man’s soul with their heart, it’s Muller.

The Bayern Munich star set a new Bundesliga assist record in 2020 and started the current season in a similar creative form. He doesn’t always get the credit he deserves for his team’s dominance.

Ciro Immobile
Immobile was exceptional in 2020 | Marco Rosi – SS Lazio / Getty Images

“If you want boys to respect you, show them you’re serious. Shoot something, make it explode! (Birds of prey)

Defenders across Europe have had no choice but to respect Immobile after making Serie A history in 2019/20.

His 36 goals – including 19 in the second half of the season – tied the record for most goals in a single campaign, and they were enough to earn him the European Golden Boot for his troubles.

Lionel messi
Messi recovers his mojo | Octavio Passos / Getty Images

“The world is a dangerous place. You never know what’s coming. We never know.” (Call of the Wild)

Who could have predicted what Messi would do in 2020?

As well as racking up a ridiculous number of goals and assists, there was also the little question of a tiny little burofax that toppled the whole world.

Messi has regained the lead in the game now so defenders should be scared.

Bruno Fernandes
Fernandes was United’s savior | Marc Atkins / Getty Images

“We have a real connection. A rare and intense attachment. I’ve never experienced anything like it. ” (I think at the end of things)

These are words every United fan will have said about Fernandes at some point in 2020.

After saving the Red Devils’ season last year, Fernandes has continued to excel in 2020/21 and has managed to make his squad into true title contenders.

Haaland was the star of 2020 | ANNEGRET HILSE / Getty Images

“Adrian was awesome. But it’s not because of anything that he invented, that’s how he got into people’s heads. (The invisible Man)

Remember when Haaland made his way through the heads of PSG in the Champions League the past 16 last year, and the French side took part in an entire street party to celebrate their victory?

Having one on Haaland was easier said than done in 2020. He scored 33 goals in just 32 games after moving to Dortmund, and he’s now part of the European top flight.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo is still dominant | BSR / Getty Images Agency

“I think with a little magic in your life, you can do almost anything.” (Forward)

Ronaldo was in excellent shape for Juventus in 2020.

He finished the campaign as a Serie A champion and still scores goals as a man determined to add another title to his CV.

Robert lewandowski
No player has come close to Lewandowski | Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

“The shine must be recognized.” (Gentlemen)

Lewandowski missed the Ballon d’Or is the biggest injustice the football world has seen in recent times. The man was on fire.

The Pole was by far the best player in Europe in 2020, and the fact that he won the FIFA Best Male Player award proved it. It wasn’t even close.

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