Definitive ranking of the European 90-minute power 2020/21: Week 15

After a week in which:

– Liverpool lost at Anfield AGAIN.

– Southampton was beaten 9-0 AGAIN.

– Cristiano Ronaldo scored AGAIN from the penalty spot.

– The Golden Globe nominees have melted the head of every moviegoer yet again.

We at 90 mins gathered the best quotes from Golden Globe nominees to rank Europe’s top 15 teams.

Sebastian haller
Ajax wins a lot of games | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

“14 years ago I released a moviefilm that was a big hit in the US and Australia, but Kazakhstan has become a laughing stock in the world. (Film about Borat’s later move)

Look, we could argue that Ajax made the final European powerhouse standings this week due to being top of the Eredivisie, or winning their last six games, but that’s not is not the reason they made the cut. .

They made the cut because they became Football Manager 2021 this week and forgot to add Sébastien Haller to their Europa League squad.

Which is hilarious.

This commitment to comedy deserves some recognition.

Well done, Ajax. Well done.

Lionel messi
Messi wears a nice kit | Fran Santiago / Getty Images

“A hot fucking mess.” (Promising young woman)

Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy, their best player (Lionel Messi) planning to sue some of the club officials and have said the best player is also dying to leave the club.

BUT, sort of, Barcelona are not that bad at the moment. They have won their last five consecutive games in fact.

All of this leads us to say that Barca are a mess.

Bologna FC v AC Milan - Serie A
Milan returned to victory this weekend | MB Media / Getty Images

“Lift up your head and fight for yourself.” (Pieces of a woman)

AC Milan’s heads could have fallen very easily after their slight drop in form recently – especially since Milan were never really supposed to be so good at the start.

However, they did not lower their heads. Instead, they held them high and bounced back with an important with over Bologna. Pretty.

Dejan Kulusevski, Marcelo Brozovic
Internazionale lost to Juventus | BSR / Getty Images Agency

“No need to hide from the bagpiper, he has to be paid.” (Promising young woman)

Look, knocking Inter down nine places after a loss is tough. We know it’s hard. Do not worry.

This is exactly what we are at DEPR headquarters. We want to call the teams when they lose.

This is what we do.

So Inter lost you to Juventus. It’s not good.

Ashley Young’s performance was also not good. Not good at all.

Sort it out.

Sporting wins every game they play | PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / Getty Images

“I am such a perfectionist.” (Promising young woman)

Yes, this is your weekly reminder that Sporting CP are ALWAYS undefeated in Liga NOS.

They have now won 13 of their 16 league games this season and beat their fiercest rivals Benfica last week.


Wout Weghorst
Wolfsburg is 3rd in BuLi | Stuart Franklin / Getty Images

“It is possible to change the world whether you are a middle aged first lady or a Broadway star!” (Prom)

Wolfsburg is proof that it is possible to fight for the Bundesliga title if you are a mid-table team belonging to a major car manufacturer.

Die Wolfes have won their last four games in all competitions, and with Wout Weghorst hitting goals at a ridiculous rate, that purple stain could continue in the weeks to come.

Neymar Jr
Neymar remains at PSG | John Berry / Getty Images

“One of the things I love the most about this life is that there is no final farewell.” (Nomadland)

Surprisingly enough, PSG fans won’t have to say goodbye to Neymar this summer as the Brazilian striker is set to sign a contract extension at the club.

Is it due to his love for the club? Probably not … no …

Is it due to the fact that Barcelona and Real Madrid are completely skint? Probably yes…

Yet you take the W PSG fans. Take this W.

SS Lazio v US Sassuolo - Serie A - Serie A
SS Lazio flies high in Serie A | MB Media / Getty Images

“This is not the Great Beyond. This is the Big Before. ” (Soul)

* Whisper it * Lazio are actually in the Serie A title race when everyone thought they had finished as Scudetto challengers after bottling up the title last season.

Jesse Lingard
Lingard scored a brace | Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

“You can’t capture a man’s entire life in two hours. All you can hope for is to leave the impression of a man. ” (Mank)

Usually, you can’t tell if a signature is good or not within an hour and a half.

However, on Wednesday night Jesse Lingard proved – in just an hour and a half – that he is a fantastic signing for West Ham with his brace in a win at Villa Park. Great stuff.

Cedric Itten
Yes, of course the Rangers won | Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

“I must. Heck, I’m late. ” (Soul)

Sensing that a triumph for a league title might be a bit late (they haven’t won one in the last decade), the Rangers decided to go out and win one this season.

They are now 23 points ahead of Celtic in the SPFL and have only conceded * scores * seven goals all season.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Adrien Rabiot
Ronaldo scored a brace against Inter | Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

“This is, my friend, the magic of movies.” (Mank)

About three weeks ago, Juventus traveled to San Siro and were torn apart by Inter.

On Wednesday night, Juventus traveled to San Siro and beat that same Inter side 2-1 in Coppa Italia.

It doesn’t make any sense, but it is, my friend, the magic of football.

Robert Lewandowski, Alphonso Davies, Jérôme Boateng
Bayern are always great | Pool / Getty Images

“Have a good day so far?” (Palm Springs)

Being a Bayern Munich fan must be fun.

You wake up every day knowing that your football team won a treble last season and will likely win another treble this season.

It must be nice.

Sterling – really good at football | GARETH COPLEY / Getty Images

“You see, the situation is very simple.” (The father)

The situation in the race for the Premier League title is very simple: Manchester City will win because it is the only team that seems from a distance capable of stringing together consecutive victories.

Luis Suarez
They didn’t win 9-0 | Fran Santiago / Getty Images

“There is a golden age to come.” (Mank)

With Barcelona almost bankrupt and Real Madrid almost completely Desperate, Atletico Madrid have a real opportunity to win a shipment of national trophies in the coming years.

And, judging by the fact that they are ten points clear at the top of La Liga (with a game in hand), it looks like they are ready to seize the opportunity.

They won 9-0 | LAURENCE GRIFFITHS / Getty Images

“Very pleasant!” (Film about Borat’s later move)

Obviously, there are a few teams who are better than Man Utd on this list.

Man City are literally ahead of them in the Premier League table, Bayern are literally the European champions and so on.

But neither of those teams won 9-0 midweek, did they?

No, no, they didn’t.

Manchester United won 9-0 – which is why they are at the top of the definitive European power table this week.