Danny Rose arrested in car accident

Tottenham left-back Danny Rose was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning after being involved in a car crash in Northampton.

On the pitch, the 2020/21 season has not been kind to Rose, who has yet to make Team of the Day for Jose Mourinho’s side and was frozen before his contract expired at the end in the countryside.

Things have now gone from bad to worse for Rose as The Sun notes that he was taken into custody after being discovered crashing his car at a central reserve at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning.

“We can confirm that a 30-year-old man was arrested for dangerous driving on the A45 in Northampton shortly after 4 am,” a police statement read.

“The suspect is currently being held at a county police station and as such it would be inappropriate for Northamptonshire Police to comment further at this time.”

Witnesses say Rose’s car only had three wheels, while the bumper was also suspended, and a source claimed the left rear was “lucky to be alive”. Fortunately, he came out without any serious injuries.

Rose was tested at the scene and was not found under the influence of alcohol, but was closely examined by police medics who arrested him after worrying about his condition .

It is not yet clear why Rose was near Northampton, although the crash site was close to the M1 motorway which the left rear is known to use regularly to travel up from London to see his family in Doncaster.

Jose mourinho
Mourinho told Rose he was free to go | Clive Rose / Getty Images

Rose spent time training on his own after learning he was free to leave Spurs through Mourinho, who urged left-back to seek to move away once the January transfer window opens.

There is no concrete interest yet in the former England international, who spent the second half of last season on loan with Newcastle. A summer move to Genoa failed, but Middlesbrough was presented as a contender in January.

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