Connect with – Josh Denzel and Olivier Giroud from Chelsea

When World Cup winner Olivier Giroud isn’t hitting Chelsea’s goal, he makes sure he’s up to date with the latest fashion trends.

The Frenchman always enjoys doing his best on and off the pitch, and as part of their quest to help fans connect with the stars of their favorite club, Three gave influencer Josh Denzel the chance to s sit down with Giroud. Chat about all things fashion – with a quick play of ‘Drip or Skip’.

Giroud, who admits David Beckham is one of his biggest fashion idols in the football world, was too keen to smear the styles of some of his Chelsea teammates.

He showed some love for hitting his partner Tammy Abraham, although Giroud encouraged the youngster to “go to the gym more” to help him fill his t-shirt.

However, karma quickly returned when Josh took Giroud to the turf at Stamford Bridge to see a photo of the Frenchman during the Arsenal era, and Giroud was clearly not impressed to see a shaved version of himself sporting a deep V. -neck and some bright shorts.

Tammy Abraham
Giroud was full of love for Abraham | Alex Livesey / Getty Images

“At that time, I didn’t do a lot of push-ups either!” he’s laughing. “It was five years ago! I didn’t have a beard! ”

That’s not good enough for a man of Giroud’s high standards, and he was equally unimpressed with some of the outfits worn by teammates Christian Pulisic and Reece James, the latter of whom he praised for removing his haircut. “Monk” in recent years.

No one is immune to Giroud’s glamorous eye, and not even manager Frank Lampard, whose style during his playing days gets a full thumbs up from the striker.

Olivier Giroud, Frank Lampard
Giroud was not impressed with Lampard’s style | John Berry / Getty Images

Although Lampard’s questionable fit doesn’t impress Giroud, Josh does manage to win the France international with some of his favorite outfits, but his choice of “flashy” jersey for the Monaco Grand Prix might require a bit of work.

Three will continue to give influencers the chance to connect with their favorite Chelsea stars over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for the next episode of Connect With.

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