Cardiff manager contenders

Come on, who had 21 days in the draw? That’s how far we’ve come in the year leading up to the dismissal of a league manager.

Neil Harris received his marching orders after the ghastly Cardiff run which saw them suffer six straight defeats.

He becomes the seventh manager to be sacked by a second-tier squad this season, and before the chairman of the manager’s office has even had time to cool down, we’re already wondering “who will be in charge? ”.

While Cardiff fans are likely to feel rather gloomy after their side’s recent sidelining (and for good reason), they should be optimistic given the managerial talent available at the moment.

So here’s our list of the top contenders at Cardiff City Stadium, ranked in order of likelihood of them getting the reins.

Eddie howe
Eddie Howe has been unemployed since last season | Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Well, he’s definitely available, but whether he would consider a job at the second level is another question.

Eddie Howe’s incredible stint at Bournemouth did wonders for his reputation, and he would undoubtedly demand a large sum if he were to qualify for the Championship.

Still, no harm in questioning whether you are the Cardiff hierarchy, but that seems incredibly unlikely given Howe has been heavily linked with a number of Premier League roles in recent months.

Probability of appointment: 2/10

Christopher Patrick Coleman
Chris Coleman released in China | Fred Lee / Getty Images

Chris Coleman must have one of the strangest management resumes around. From Fulham to Real Sociedad, from Sunderland to China – who knows where he’ll end up next.

On paper it looks like a move to Cardiff would make a lot of sense considering he is currently unemployed, has already managed the Championship and is of course from Wales – but you remember he was playing for Swansea… * insert awkward trying not to make eye contact with emoji here *.

If he wants to get back to football, that really makes sense – it just seems a little improbable.

Probability of appointment: 3/10

Danny cowley
Danny Cowley did wonders in the lower leagues | John Early / Getty Images

Danny Cowley has built a solid reputation in the lower leagues since he bowed out in 2007.

His accomplishments with Lincoln City alongside his brother Nicky have proven he has the tactical flair to cut it down to a decent level, although his spell with Huddersfield did not go as planned.

Although the Terriers retain their championship status during Cowley’s time at the club, this was clearly a bigger job than he envisioned when he first took charge, and he may hesitate. to embark on another great project so early.

That being said, Cardiff is in a much healthier position than Huddersfield was when he took over the Yorkshiremen in 2019.

Probability of appointment: 5/10

Paul Cook
Paul Cook has been unemployed since leaving Wigan | George Wood / Getty Images

Paul Cook has done absolute wonders at Wigan and in truth it was such a shame that the club were relegated last season after being tied up on points.

Cook has not worked since leaving DW Stadium, and while he appears content with making fleeting appearances as a television specialist, his admission he applied for the Sheffield Wednesday job a few years ago. months would suggest otherwise.

The former Wigan boss’s track record is good, and Cardiff could do a lot worse than offer him the job.

Probability of appointment: 6/10

Mark Hughes was one of the favorites the last time the Cardiff job was available
Mark Hughes was a favorite the last time the Cardiff job was available | Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

The last time Cardiff’s managerial post went vacant, Mark Hughes’ name was thrown in the ring early on, and many were surprised he didn’t get the nod.

The Welshman has been out of work since leaving Southampton just over two years ago, and he recently confirmed his desire to take over management.

Whether Harris’s sacking just days after Hughes’ announcement is coincidence or not – we’ll find out soon. But one thing is for sure, if Hughes can see the potential of a project at the South Wales club, the two could well come together.

Probability of appointment: 7/10

Tony pulis
Tony Pulis name is always mentioned when a championship position becomes available | Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA / Getty Images

The second the news of Harris’ departure broke, Tony Pulis ran into his room, brushed the dust off his cap and pulled out the rag to clean those white sneakers.

Let’s be honest, as soon as a position in the Championship becomes available, there’s only one man whose name is going to appear at the top of the list of contenders.

Cardiff football has hardly been attractive over the past few seasons, so the board clearly isn’t too keen on playing ‘the right way’ (whatever that means), so Pulis could be. just the man for the job.

The Bluebirds are actually closer to the relegation zone than the playoffs, so if the club hierarchy wants to make sure they’re a second-tier team next season before continuing, there’s only a way to go. ‘one man for that.

Probability of appointment: 9/10