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Can you Do away with Wrinkles with Food?


best collagen and biotin supplementFending off of the telltale signs of aging transmits humanity on a mad hunt for every plausible way to look youthful. Beauty treatments, chemical peels, face-lifts, Botox and skin fillers each reverse the signs of aged skin. But could we’ve missed the kitchen in our crazed desire for agerasia?

In reality, medical studies prove that everyday food and spices are able to promote best collagen drink japan [visit the website] growth and mitigate the major damage that withers the epidermis.



For example, curcumin, which is produced from the curry spice turmeric, offers powerful antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin damage.

A study in Biochemical Pharmacology revealed that curcumin helps prevent AGEs induced issues associated with diabetes mellitus- a finding that could decelerate the aging process even in wholesome adults.

AGEs as a prelude to anti-aging

AGEs as a prelude to anti-aging

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are substances which create out of the description of sugars within the body. AGEs form slowly and constantly in the human body and accumulate in time.

But, diabetics experience increased incidences of tissue damage because high blood sugar levels in their bodies expedite the chemical reactions which form AGEs.

Mitigating AGEs in your food

best collagen and protein powderXylitol


fruits & Vegetables

Caloric Restriction

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