Bruno Fernandes talks about need for Man Utd to stay on top in Liverpool rivalry

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has said he understands the importance of staying ahead of fierce rivals Liverpool in the history books as another title heading to Anfield this season would bring the Merseysiders closer together of United’s record.

United broke Liverpool’s long-standing title record in 2011 with a 19th English crown, before growing that total to a historic 20th title two years later in 2013.

Man Utd vs. Swansea
Man Utd still hold England league title record | Tom Jenkins / Getty Images

But Liverpool fell from 18 to 19 last season when they finally ended a 30-year drought and would go on par with United if they win it again in 2020/21.

Yet rather than looking like helpless spectators, United are firmly in the title race for the first time since their last win eight years ago. It adds an even more intriguing layer to this Sunday’s clash against Liverpool at Anfield, especially when it comes to the fans.

Fernandes has shown himself to be well engaged in what fans think and feel since joining Old Trafford, which was not always the case with United players in the post-Ferguson era. It’s no different, although he says the players are no better off than Burnley.

“You don’t want your rivals to be at the same level as you, or with the same number of trophies as you. Everyone knows what this means for the fans, ”Fernandes told The Telegraph.

“We have to approach every game with the same mentality we have for Liverpool. It may be different from playing Burnley at Liverpool. I understand that for the fans it’s different, but for us it can’t be because the result we want is the same and nothing else.

“I understand the fans and we will try everything to give them a little joy. For them the next day, going to talk to their friends, who may be Liverpool fans, it will be much better if you have been the winner than the loser. And it would be a lot more fun with 21 titles and Liverpool still out of 19, but the main thing for us is to keep going and doing our best every game.

Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial
Fernandes says Man Utd players will play one game at a time | Pool / Getty Images

United rose to the top of the Premier League by winning their game in hand against Burnley at Old Trafford in midweek, edging Liverpool by three points. Even a draw at Anfield on Sunday would at least maintain that gap, while a win would double it to six points.

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