Blood glucose Regulation – Its Effect on Pre-Diabetes and Disease Prevention

Blood sugar regulation is crucial for numerous American adults as approximately eight percent of the population has some sort of diabetes. This figure may be cultivating each year as the pandemic of obesity increases. More Americans are facing a situation of pre diabetes, making blood glucose management essential to stop conditions like kidney disease, blindness and amputation. Moreover, fluctuating blood sugar levels are known to increase the chance of the development of atherosclerosis which plays a role in stroke and heart attack. The truth is, an individual with good uncontrolled blood sugar levels may be up to 4 times more likely to develop heart attack or stroke than those who do not have diabetes. Retaining control of the blood sugar levels could be possible with the usage of natural dietary supplements including Glucose Regulation Complex.

gluconite advancedChromium

Chromium has been shown playing an important role of glucose intolerance. When Chromium is put into the diet, improvement might be found in blood glucose levels, insulin utilization, gluconite charge HbA1C quantities as well as cholesterol. Decreasing the blood glucose levels might decrease the risk for the enhancement of cardiovascular disease.


Vanadium is a trace component which may actually mimic insulin to reduce blood glucose levels. Vanadium might reduce the demand for additional insulin and could help to lower levels of cholesterol. Lowering both the blood sugar and cholesterol levels may be essential in minimizing the improvement of atherosclerosis, particularly in diabetics or perhaps others having difficulty maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Banaba Leaf Extract

The Banaba plant continues to be utilized in parts of Asia for treating diabetes. It is high in a phytochemical known as colosolic acid or maybe corosolic acid that will be thought to help stabilize blood sugar and is likely to promote weight loss. Banaba Leaf extract might also help promote healthy kidney function and greatly improve kidney health and that is extremely critical in those who have problems maintaining stable blood sugar ranges.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

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