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Blood Doping for Boosting Exercise Performance


genf20 plus reviews from usersAs with any sports event focusing on the extremes of human workout performance, the Winter Olympics have allowed the ugly head of cheating in sport to go up again. Lately, police raided the Austrian ski team’s residences in Torino on suspicion of blood doping to boost sports performance. What is blood doping anyway genf20 plus before and after (Resource) how will it improve athletic performance? This guide provides some rudimentary information on blood doping, points out the mechanisms for the ability of its to considerably boost exercise performance and supplies cons and pros for it’s usage.

Doping in sports

Doping in sports

Though the word hints at a relationship, doping has nothing to do with “dope” (the block term for marijuana). When this had been the case, it could be that snowboarders would be under investigation rather than skiers!

Doping for exercising performance improvement refers especially to “blood doping” – a means of cheating by artificially boosting reddish blood cell counts.

The doping treatment works like this:

The doping procedure works as this:

genf20 plus reviews from usersA doctor pulls a maximum of four units (aproximatelly four pints) of blood out of the athlete’s body – basically making him/her anemic (low blood cell count)

The withdrawn blood will be centrifuged (spun quite quickly) to sort the red blood cells (RBCs) from all the other primary part of blood – plasma.

The athlete’s RBCs are “stored” under refrigerated conditions (the shelf life of RBCs is about 40 days)

Why is it that athletes engage in blood doping and what’s the logic behind it?

The professionals to blood doping use:

The cons to blood doping use:


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