Basit Ali- Javed Miandad’s Unsuccessful Successor

When we talk about the batsmen Pakistan has produced over the years then the names of Javed Miandad and Zaheer Abbas are amongst the common ones mentioned every time everywhere.

 It was because these two batters had the quality to deliver consistent performances throughout their cricketing career. Javed Miandad especially was a high-class batter who literally toyed with the bowlers at his prime.

Basit Ali- Javed Miandad’s Unsuccessful Successor

Javed was not only good in favorable conditions but he was also quite a hard nut to crack in away conditions as well. Javed’s stature was so high that people started referring young batsmen of that generation to Javed Miandad.

However, when the young right-handed batsman Basit Ali made his debut soon after the conclusion of the ICC World Cup 1992, the fans in Pakistan were happy to say goodbye to the old Javed Miandad and welcome young Basit Ali.

Early Career:

Basit Ali was born on the 13th of December in 1970 in Karachi. He started his early cricketing career in 1993 when he made his ODI debut against West Indies. He was a fearless batsman and he was never afraid of taking on the bowlers. Basit Ali was amazingly good against the deliveries that were pitched outside the off-stump.

He played 19 Test matches and 50 ODIs for Pakistan. He’s one of those players who were good in the limited-overs format because of their aggressive nature. Basit averaged higher in ODIs than in Tests.

Because of his batting style and technique, there was so much resemblance with Javed Miandad that people started calling him the successor of the great Miandad.

Basit Ali- Javed Miandad’s Unsuccessful Successor

He could only play 19 Test matches for Pakistan and scored just a single century. His average in Test matches is 26 whilst his ODI average of 34 is also not doing justice to the kind of talent he was.

The highlight of Basit’s career:

The world of cricket will always see Basit Ali as an underachiever because of his ability to strike the ball so well. His ODI and Test numbers are not doing justice to his talent. However, in the initial phases of his career in 1993, Basit perhaps played the innings of his life.

At that time, when the strike-rates of batsmen were hardly touching 70s, Basit Ali wreaked havoc against the West Indies bowlers and scored 127 off just 79 balls.

 It was the 2nd fastest ODI hundred at that time. The record for the fastest ODI hundred was with Mohammad Azharuddin of India who scored his hundred in just 62 balls. Basit had taken 67 balls for his ton.

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