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Barcelona to take legal action over Lionel Messi contract leak


Barcelona have admitted that the leaked images of striker Lionel Messi’s contract are correct, but have denied responsibility for passing details to the media.

Spain’s El Mundo store revealed a copy of Messi’s contract on Sunday which showed the Argentine signed the biggest contract in sports history in 2017, guaranteeing him a total of £ 492million at the time of the contract. expired at the end of the current season.

Lionel messi
Messi’s astronomical contract leaked | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

This has led many to claim that Messi is responsible for Barcelona’s massive £ 1billion gross debt, including El Mundo, who opted for the title: “Leo Messi’s monumental contract that ruins Barcelona”, but club officials have now responded to such a claim.

“In view of the information published today in the newspaper El Mundo, in relation to the professional contract signed between FC Barcelona and the player Lionel Messi, the club regrets its publication since it is a private document governed by the principle of confidentiality between the parties, ”reads a press release on the club’s official website.

“FC Barcelona categorically declines any responsibility for the publication of this document and will take appropriate legal action against the newspaper El Mundo, for any damage that may be caused as a result of this publication.

Interim President Carlos Tusquets condemned the leak
Interim President Carlos Tusquets condemned the leak | Quality sports images / Getty Images

“FC Barcelona express their absolute support for Lionel Messi, in particular in the face of any attempt to discredit his image, and to damage his relationship with the entity where he worked to become the best player in the world and in the history of the soccer.”

To join the “lawsuit” party, RAC1 claim that Messi himself is ready to sue El Mundo for revealing his contract, which includes a specific confidentiality clause to avoid this exact situation.

Only five people in Barcelona’s boardroom are said to actually have access to Messi’s contract, so Messi’s lawyer is currently investigating how the paperwork got through the media.

Spain's King Juan Carlos announces his intention to abdicate after 39 years of reign
El Mundo could be in hot water | Denis Doyle / Getty Images

Moreover, TV3 claims Messi is considering legal action against former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, interim boss Carlos Tusquets and current leader Oscar Grau, who are three of the five people who had access to the contract.

Barcelona lawyers have been very busy in recent months and it looks like the circus will only continue.

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