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Barcelona presidential candidate claims Neymar will cost € 40-50m


Exclusive – Jordi Farre has claimed that Neymar could be re-signed for Barcelona at a relatively low price, if he is elected club president in the January elections.

Barcelona’s future presidential campaigns are now intensifying, with elections to decide the club’s next leader taking place on January 24.

Among favorites like Joan Laporta and Victor Font is Jordi Farre, 45, who has mentioned Neymar’s return among his campaign promises.

Jordi Farre keen on Neymar’s return to Barcelona | JOSEP LAGO / Getty Images

Neymar left Camp Nou for Paris Saint-Germain under a world record contract in 2017.

Talk to, Farre reiterated his desire to see Neymar again at Barca.

“What I said is that Barça must be formed by 80% of La Masia players and 20% by players, who, for me, must be the best in the world”, he said declared.

“And logically, Neymar is for me number two or number three of the best in the world and obviously I would like him. I always like to have the best. ”

Lionel messi
Neymar and Messi together in Barcelona in 2017 | Power Sport Images / Getty Images

However, any discussion of future signings must be placed in the context of the economic situation in Barcelona.

Barcelona announced losses of € 97m for the 2019/20 season and confirmed that their total debt amounts to almost 500 million euros.

Earlier this season, Barca players agreed to pay cuts worth € 122million as the club attempt to recover from the ongoing pandemic.

Meanwhile, the club’s acting president Carlos Tusquets has even admitted that he would have sold Lionel Messi this summer, given the current issues.

Farre, however, claims Neymar can be signed for a relatively low price.

“My tenure as president cannot be one of big names, big names,” Farre said. “Signing Neymar, I believe, is the best economic investment that can be made. I think it’s going to be cheap, because it’s going to have to request a transfer request.

“He’s already in the last year of his contract which I’m sure will make Neymar really cheap. It will be a player who will cost between 40 and 50 million euros.

“Therefore, if the sporting director asks me, I think I will do my best to bring him in.”

Neymar’s contract at PSG expires in 2022, while the player himself has discussed a reunion with former teammate Messi. However, in which club is not clear.