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Badly behaved dog forces non-league game to be abandoned


The non-league action on Boxing Day took a surreal turn when a game was abandoned due to a dog invading the pitch.

With 78 minutes on the clock in a game between local rivals GNG Oadby Town and Leicester Nirvana, the referee put an end to things, all thanks to a mischievous Alsatian.

Yes really. Thank you 2020 for at least ending in style.

According to the Non-League Paper, the rude dog repeatedly invaded the playing surface throughout the game. With just over 10 minutes to play, the dog began to stand in front of the canoe outside, much to the chagrin of Nirvana officials.

After several minutes spent trying unsuccessfully to get the dog out of the field, the referee finally had enough and abandoned the match.

Now you might be wondering, where was the owner in all of this? It’s a good question.

He's a good unrelated dog
This is a good unrelated dog | Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

He was repeatedly asked to control his pet, but either refused or lacked the skills to whisper a dog.

The ruthless ending capped a busy afternoon for the referee. Earlier in the fiery derby, he sent off a player on either side.

The retirement will be particularly frustrating for Nirvana as they were 2-1 when the game was interrupted early. It was their first league game since October as the United Counties Premier Division – like all “non-elite” leagues – was forced to take an extended break during the lockdown. Many divisions have yet to get back on track thanks to new local restrictions, raising doubts about the end of the season.

Of course, not all dogs behave badly in non-league games. If you don’t believe us, check out the nonleaguedogs Instagram account. It contains hundreds of different images of good boys and girls who would never dream of forcing a game to be abandoned.