As FAM changes tune to appease Zamsaham, Kelantan FC tell MFL to show them the money

FAM Vice-President Yusoff Mahadi urged Kelantan’s new owner, Norizam Tukiman, to be warmly welcomed into the local football fraternity.

After Kelantan FC owner Norizam Tukiman hit back at last week’s announcement that his club could face penalties from the Malaysian FA (FAM) for failing to pay unpaid wages that had been incurred before its membership, the association has now tried to calm things down.

Over the past weekend, businessman Norizam, also known as Zamsaham, took part in social media tirades against the FAM and the Malaysian competition organizer, the Malaysian Football League ( MFL). Feeling unfairly targeted by recent developments regarding the club he spent for RM 6.8million, he questioned FAM’s success and accused MFL of not paying his club’s share of profits. Both entities are headed by the same person; Datuk Hamidin Amin.

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On Sunday evening, the Malaysian football governing body gave the press an interview with its vice president Datuk Wira Yusoff Mahadi, in which he insists on the need to work with those who have invested in club football in the country, like Norizam.

“There aren’t many people who want to invest huge sums of their own money like Zamsaham. The Malaysian football fraternity must welcome figures like him in order to help the country’s football industry.

“We have to discuss this matter cordially, and I have been instructed to welcome Norizam to the discussion table soon with Stuart (FAM Secretary General Stuart Ramalingam) and Dato ‘Ghani (CEO of MFL Dato’ Ab Ghani Hassan) soon.

Stuart Ramalingam. Photo by Zulhilmi Zainal

“I want FAM and MFL to solve the problem so that everyone comes out happy with the discussion,” Yusoff said.

But hours later, the Malaysian Premier League club posted demand letters on their Facebook account that they had sent through lawyers to MFL, for payments Norizam had previously claimed by the organization. to the Red Warriors. The most recent letter is dated January 15, 2021

Payments are allegedly for referee fees for three league matches, as well as for broadcasting Kelantan’s matches on the Mycujoo website, although the exact numbers were unclear before the letters were released.

Peguamcara kami, Meesrs Sheffie & Partners, telah menghantar satu ‘Demand Letter’ kepada MFL pada January 15, 2021…

Posted by TRW Kelantan FC on Ahad, January 17, 2021