An exclusive session with ‘Zohaib Azhar’ Master of Trophy

An exclusive session with 'Zohaib Azhar' Master of Trophy

Now a days, everyone is working so hard in their fields to become something. Many of them doctors, engineers, or computer scientist in their fields. But we have something exciting for you!

Zohaib Azhar who is PSL Master of Ceremony who his MBA graduate from UCP.

He started his career as host in colleges and private concerts. Later on, he joined Pakistan Cricket Board and started hosting cricket matches on national and international lavel.

Here some exclusive interview with Zohaib!

Q 1. What do you like doing in your spare time?

Zohaib: In my spare time, I use to to watch Netflix and you use social media

Q 2. How far you have travel the world?

Zohaib: I have traveled many places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Australia.

Q 3. What is your favorite season on Netflix?

Zohaib: There are so many seasons I like but now a days, I like Money heist.

Q 4. What is your favorite sports brand?

Zohaib: I used to wear all the brand but most favorite is Nike.

Q 5. Which event did you host recently?

Zohaib: Recently, I hosted Pakistan Super League Season 5 but unfortunate PSL 5 suspended due to coronavirus

Q 6. Which Pakistani song inspired you and who is the singer?

Zohaib: my favorite pakistani song that inspire me most is Jazba Janoon

Q 7. What did you enjoy doing with your friends?

Zohaib: We hangout together and play online games.

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Q 8. What is your favorite PSL sports Team?

Zohaib: Lahore Qalandar, no doubt.

Q 9. What’s your favorite place to eat?

Zohaib: I like to desi food, so Haveli restaurant in Lahore is my favorite place.

Q 10. How do you manage events and time for family & friends?

Zohaib: My schedule for hosting events and concerts are very busy. But due to covid 19, I am spending my time with family and friends.

Q 11. What is one message you would give to your fans regarding Covid 19?

Zohaib: I like to say all my fans, to stay safe at home and take care of your families and friends.

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