Aisha Jalil- Biography, Career & Achievements

Aisha Jalil- Biography, Career & Achievements

Pakistan’s women cricket team is improving day by day and the national team of Pakistan is finally getting the reward for their immense hard work and dedication.

Women’s cricket in Pakistan rose to fame during the early 90s and Aisha was certainly one of the girls that loved this beautiful game of cricket. In her early teenage, Aisha developed unwavering love for the game and soon started playing cricket in the streets with the local boys.

Growing up on the streets of Karachi, Aisha started enjoying her childhood playing cricket with her siblings. Aisha is the sister of three brothers and she’s a lone female amongst her siblings. However, at a very young age, Jalil knew she was going to be involved with this game forever.


In her early cricket career, as women’s cricket in Pakistan was not so developed at that time, Aisha couldn’t work on her bowling. She was a bowler growing up and she also opened the batting for Pakistan when she opened against Australia and New Zealand women on the tour of New Zealand. Aisha has only played three matches for Pakistan. That tour wasn’t sponsored by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) according to the reports.

Aisha Jalil- Biography, Career & Achievements
Former Pakistan woman player Aisha Jalil

Some reports also suggest that the Government of Pakistan and the provincial government of Sindh played a key role in making that tour possible.

‘I was 16 years old and wanted to join the cricket team. But most of my family members were against me playing cricket at an international level. However, one of my uncles supported me and helped me realize my dream of playing for Pakistan. Later, I got the blessing from the rest of my family too,’ she recalls.

Aisha Jalil- Biography, Career & Achievements
Aisha Jalil has also served as the manager of Pakistan women team

Aisha then quit playing with the national women’s team to pursue her education and completed her Master of Business Administration in 2003 at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Science and Technology Institute.

Achievements and Aims:

Aisha Jalil has worked really hard as a woman in this country and she has done everything to bring women’s cricket to mainstream media. In 2018, she was named in the 30 most prominent Muslim Women in Sports. She has also served as the manager of the national women team and she further wishes to inspire young girls with her work.

Aisha seeks to establish more women’s cricket in Pakistan, beginning from the grassroots and moving beyond the victories of matches. She also aspires to work for Pakistan’s international men’s cricket operations to help break through barriers of attitude.

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