Aiman Khan And Her Motherhood.

Aiman Muneeb with their daugther

Being a mother is a big achievement and an absolute honor. It can get very hectic at times and managing everything when it becomes near impossible. All this is only until you see a small tiny human staring at you with such innocence that you forget all the hardships it comes with.

Recently our national sweetheart Aiman Khan got her little blessing and named her Amal Muneeb. Her pictures went viral all over the internet and we couldn’t help but swoon over the pure cuteness she was.

We loved it when she shared her post birth glow and how she is coping up with being a new mother.

The new father also took it to the social media about the happiness and honor he felt about being a father and how lucky he was to have Amal in his life.

With a wedding so extravagant and big, including eight events in total, we can’t wait to see how Aiman and Muneeb welcome and introduce their little princess into the world. May god bless them and make all trails easy on them.

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