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A Guide to Thunderstruck 2 Slot MachinesAfter the success of Thunderstruck, Video slot machine designer John Grace decided to create a sequel to his hit arcade game. This time around, he takes us inside the mind of a slot machine. This time, the story is about a boy who wakes up in a hospital bed and has no idea of how he got there. With no memory of how he got there or how he ended up in the hospital, he has no idea of the way to find his way out. He has no idea how to return to his real world.


John is a poor boy who dreams of becoming a street fighter like his favorite hero. One day, while he’s playing slot machine online, he gets the chance to win a thousand dollars and enter into a world where he can have anything he wants. With this much money, John starts to think he’ll be able to purchase an airplane anytime. Then, one night, thunderstruck strikes and a plane crashes in the middle of an airport. John’s not dead; he just needs to find out what happened to his prize money and where his plane is.

So he sets out in search of his lost money and his plane. When John finds the wrecked plane, he’s not sure if it’s salvageable or not. After making some repairs, he puts everything back together and heads back to the hospital. There, he meets a girl named Ariel who wants to know about his dream. Together they solve the mystery behind thunderstruck and set out to win the large jackpot. This time, John must fight against machines that are more advanced than ever.

This time around, John doesn’t have a computer to help him beat the odds. He relies on his own instinct and strategy to beat the slot machine. This leads him right into the path of a vicious predator named Taffy. If John wins, he will get the new machine and payback his debt, but if Taffy wins, then she will get away with it and wind up with the big prize. This time around, John’s not the only one fighting the odds. As in thunderstruck, several other players have also been challenged to beat the slot machine.

With each winning player, a code will be given which will open a panel of slots displaying all kinds of icons. The icons can include cheats, bonus coins and even the game’s winnings. The only problem with this is that the icons can only be viewed from a certain angle. If you look at the screen from the wrong angle, you won’t be able to tell which icons are winning and which are losing. This makes it very difficult to actually pinpoint the winning machine – much less, play the slot that will actually win you the big payoff.

Although it may sound complicated, thunderstruck 2 slot machines really isn’t that much of a challenge. One thing you can do to increase your chances of winning is to learn about slot machine algorithms. In the past, these machines have been programmed to always play exactly the same way. While this may have made them seem fair, it also resulted in many people getting the “lucky” numbers that they need to match. With more people are learning how to crack these machines, the possibility of getting lucky with thunderstruck has increased.

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