8 Tips for IELTS Writing Test

IELTS Writing Test

IELTS exam has four sections, i.e., Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Here we are talking about IELTS writing test. So, 8 tips for IELTS writing test is given below. Read full article and then prepare for your IELTS exam.

Task of IELTS Writing Test

The written test takes 60 minutes. There are two tasks to perform.

Task 1: It is suggested that it take about 20 minutes to complete Task 1, which requires candidates to write at least 150 words.

Task 2: This task requires at least 250 words and should take about 40 minutes. Task 2 contributes twice as many writing scores as Task 1.

The answers should be given on the answer sheet and should be written in full. Notes are not acceptable as a response. Responses to both assignments should be written in an academic or semi-formal / neutral style.

Examiners can write on the questionnaire, but it cannot be taken from the test room and the examiner cannot be seen.

Provide Clear Information

Do not write every detail in your content on a specific topic, but provide clear information with the best idea. Every sentence you have should have valuable knowledge. For example, you are instructed to write in the “Franchise Institute”, in which case try to offer the necessary attributes, such as what is an Institute Franchise? How to open it? How can you earn a good number of it?

Avoid Saying Too Many Words

Writing more than 300 words in a written test task 2 is one of the worst ideas. Task 1 should only contain 200 words. The examiner has very limited time to check your answer sheet and also if you write long essays, you will make more mistakes.

Write More Lexical Words

Take the time to respond using more vocabulary words. This way, you have the opportunity to have a broad knowledge of the dictionary.

Be Attentive of the Manner of Your Writing

Written IELTS tests require an academic or formal tone, so try to answer with a neutral tone. For example, instead of writing “I love this idea,” write, “I’m sure it’s one of the best ideas.” It sounds more logical and formal. The IELTS Institute will help students achieve high scores.

Some students write well, but their tone is different, so all their scores are affected. If you would like more information on how to improve your writing skills and search for IELTS centers, you can contact the Best IELTS Institute to ask best for you to the overseas education consultants as they know better.

Understand the Score Structure

Be aware of how the score is divided in task 1 and task 2. Your writing will be evaluated on 4 basic skills; Success of tasks, coordination and coordination, grammar and vocabulary. Each task is worth 25%.

Make a List of Common Mistakes

During the practice, compile a list of common errors and then look for these errors while reviewing the exam. It will be more helpful to find gaps in the exam.

Get Acquainted (Gain, Obtain) With Present-Day Topics

Some topics are very common and appear regularly in the written test., when preparing for these specific topics, pay attention so that you get good marks in the test. You can find these topics on the internet along with sample answers. Ask the best overseas education consultants for tips to get high marks in IELTS test.

Manage Exam Time

Task 2 is more important for getting double scores, so instead of taking task 1, try to do task 1 first.


Many students do not check their answer sheets and as a result they lose their grades due to irrational mistakes. Therefore, read the answer sheet to the examiner before submitting it. The best advice is to get as good a grade as possible to practice to improve your writing skills, as experience is the only way to achieve outstanding success in the IELTS written test. You can also search for IELTS trainers to prepare for the IELTS exam.

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