5 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate


5 ways that offer a chance to make money and build long-term wealth


Investing in real estate brings you the opportunity to bank on the upscale market in India. In the first place, it makes sense to reach out to a trustable real estate partner in India like 360 Realtors. This way, you can remain informed about the latest projects and price trends in the location of your preference.


Let’s find out how you can invest in real estate and benefit from the returns.


  • Rent out a property


Well, owning a property and renting it out can be a lucrative way to earn money. You need an upfront investment to purchase the property and make necessary modifications to make it ready for the tenants. If you have the time and patience to manage tenants, the strategy would work for you. You can also benefit from some tax deduction provisions.


  • Real estate investment groups


If you want to rent out several properties without taking the trouble of maintaining the same, get across to the REIGs. You simply need a cushion capital to operate this module. In a typical investment group, the company purchases or develops a collection of blocks of apartments or condos. The investor makes the purchase through the company, thereby benefitting from their collective efforts.


  • House flipping


Experienced real estate investors go for house flipping as a strategy to maximize property value. Apart from the capital, you would also need foresight. The returns come in a short time, and the capital remains blocked for a lesser duration. You need a deep market knowledge to flip properties, and sell off a property before the prices fall.


  • REITs


If you have limited capital to invest in real estate, REITs would be a good option for you. This system involves a corporation or trust that collects the user’s money to operate or purchase properties and generate income. In major exchanges, REITs are purchased and sold like stocks. Investing in REITs is lucrative as they distribute 90% of their income in the form of dividends.


  • Real estate platforms


Online real estate platforms are ideal for investing in these assets. Here, you can invest in online real estate platforms in the form of crowdfunding. So, even though you need capital, it would be lower than other forms of real estate investment.


A trustable real estate partner can further guide you in making the investment in the right place.